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OBIEE - Filter Using is not working

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Hi all!

My question is the same as this one -   (but there is no answer there...)

So, I'm trying to use filter function on my column in analysis:


But it is not showing me filtered data, only total aggregated value. And when I look at journal in sql section, there is even no condition that would be like that filter


Please can you help me to understand what I am doing wrong?



  • SonPat99
    SonPat99 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Odarin,

    Can you please try something very simple first to see if the Filter is coming in your SQL?


    Filter(<Measure> Using <Condition>)

    -- Measure: Already Aggregated in RPD

  • Hi, Solution please for this scenario. I am facing the same exact issue. Kindly help

  • Hi @User_PHX1F ,

    This issue usually happens when you apply an aggregation function (e.g. SUM in the example above) in the analysis to treat an attribute column as a measure: when you do this the filter will be ignored.

    You have to define the column that you want to filter as a measure directly in the RPD. If you do this, the FILTER function will work as expected.

  • @User_PHX1F ,

    Welcome to the forum.

    As this is a 3+ years old thread abandoned by the owner, how about you create a new one asking your question and providing your context (a product name and exact version is always helpful).

    You will get more chanced to have helpful replies quickly, without having "same exact issue" that wasn't first full qualified and therefore is maybe not as same as it looks like.