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Promts Overwrites the Filters

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I have a Union report, which combines results from two analysis. First analysis filters data where Year<2016 and second analysis filters the data where Year >2018. Now I have to create a dashboard where users can filter the records based on the data available in Union report (i.e. data with Year<2016 and Year>2018. After creating Year prompt on dashboard, when i filter for 2017, the prompt is overwriting the existing filters in union report and showing the results for 2017 (In this case i want it to show no results)

When i choose protect filters in analysis, I'm unable to filter for specific years. Ex. When i say Year= 2015 It is still showing results with all years which are < 2016 and Year > 2018. In this case i only want to Filter the records for 2015.

Please Advice.



  • Sorry but ... it's a bit confusing.

    You say that the default behaviour you aren't happy with it, but when you protect the filters you say it doesn't work as the default behaviour anymore and you are, once again, not happy with it.

    What do you really want? Do you want your analysis to display ONLY the selected year when you select it, or something else?

    Are you looking to have the double filter conditions?

    (filter on year < 2016 AND year > 2018)     AND     (filter on year = value from the prompt)

    Did you try adding double filters to your analysis? One protected with 2016&2018 and one not protected as "is prompted"?

    OBIEE will maybe try to be smart on that one and will remove one of the 2 (as logically it's a bit a weird case and the tool can imagine you only filter once on a single column).