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OBIEE Exporting CSV File With Subheader

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I am currently working on a project that requires two headers in the CSV file format. I am able to add a 2nd level of header in the tool itself, but when I export the file to CSV, only one header appears. When i export the file via excel or pdf, both headers are visible.

I plan to create a job schedule to export the report in CSV format on a daily basis and need the two headers to show in the CSV format. Can you advise how to enable this?

Here are the steps i followed to create two headers in OBIEE:

1) go to the table view and edit the table view properties. Set the ‘display column & table headings’ property to ‘as separate rows’ instead of ‘only column headings’.

2) Then go to each column and set the custom table heading. Set the same table heading for all the columns that require the same heading.

Let me know if you need additional information.



  • The Excel and PDF export are exports based on the "views", based on the visualization of the analysis.

    The CSV export is based on the criteria, it exports the dataset the analysis get from executing the request but doesn't care at all about the visualization (because CSV can only contain data).

    So all the titles or headers or picture or anything "visual" in the analysis will not make it into the CSV (and it make sense).

  • Thanks for the followup,

    is there other options to add a second level header for CSV format?

  • As said CSV is purely data. It simply has columns headers and that's it.

    Even doing a dirty UNION to add a row from another query, it would be in the file as 2nd line. The first line is and will always be the column heading.

    That's what CSV is for: just the dataset split in columns with the column headers.

    The idea of a "sub header" is already not a CSV anymore from that point of view as it would break this format of pure data.

    OBIEE (Analytics) can't do that.

    Maybe Publisher, but that's a different tool...