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Exporting OBIEE Report as Text File

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I do not see an option to export report as text file tab delimited. Is there a workaround this or an application that can export file as '.txt'?



  • It is just next to the CSV export.

    The same limits as CSV applies, a tab separated export is just like CSV: not based on views because it can only contains data. It's based on the dataset retrieved from the criteria of the analysis.

    As there isn't any human who is going to really read a CSV or tab separated export, it sounds like you want to feed OBIEE data into another app. What about taking a more direct and clean integration?


  • Thanks for following up. Yes, i do want to feed OBIEE data into another app. Can you advise there is a tool that can connect to OBIEE , export it, and deliver to SFTP? I would also like to connect to the OBIEE database from the backend and write queries instead of creating reports through the web broswer(frontend).

  • OBIEE has webservices which allows you to execute a logical query against the BI Server and get your data (so not even need to go via a SFTP: the app can come and query OBIEE directly).

    You can also connect by ODBC or JDBC to the BI Server and execute logical queries directly.

    If you look at the doc they cover most of these options. So your target app can just do the job directly, or any "tool" supporting webservice, ODBC or JDBC can do the job as well.

  • b446ffc8-ed5a-47bb-b0ad-bda2dc4ad60a wrote:Thanks for following up. Yes, i do want to feed OBIEE data into another app

    We'll just glance over the glaring question in everybody's mind: "WHY?!"

  • I am looking to load the active users from OBIEE to a Learning Management System and trying to fit the required criteria. I want to set up a scheduled job that fits the LMS requirements.

  • As Gianni said OBI has a whole range of options, so why not go the other way and have the LMS query OBI whenever it needs it. OBI is accessible via goold old ODBC, JDBC, web services etc. Rather than continuously pushing data that probably doesn't need to be refreshed anyways have it pulled as needed.