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Schedule an agent to send analysis through email distribution list

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Hi all,

I have an agent scheduled to send an analysis via email and it works fine.

How can i send the aforementioned report to a distribution list (that i have created in Outlook) as destination?. Is it possible?

Following my environment:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence 11g []
  • Oracle Web Logic Server 11gR1 Generic and Coherence [10.3.6]
  • Oracle JDK 7 [1.7 Update 80]

Thanks and Regards,




  • Hi,

    OBIEE send to an email address. As long as your list has an email address and the mail server knows how to deal with it, that it is a list, and that it has to send the same message to many more people member of the list, all good.

    It isn't an OBIEE question, it's just your list which must have an email address, that's what OBIEE ask for. Anything else, list or not list, OBIEE doesn't care.