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Delete OBIIE 12c logfiles

Received Response

Hi guys,

I was wondering, if there will be any problems that might occur, when deleting the automatically generated logfiles within the following directories since they are taking quite a lot of disk space:

39G     ./oracle/base/product/fmw/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/ohs_bi/logs

34G     ./oracle/base/product/fmw/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/bi_server1/logs

29G     ./oracle/base/product/fmw/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/obis1/logs

Currently we are using OBIEE version on Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6.10 (Santiago).

Best regards and thanks in advance



  • Hi Carsten,

    Not really. It just comes down to how long you need to or want to keep the information.

    In general most systems I work with keep about 10 days worth of logs for non-PROD instances and 30 days for PROD instances.

    In case of the query log you'll anyways still have the queries inside the Usage Tracking tables (if it's enabled in your implementation).