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Latest Date from Date column - To be implemented at RPD Level

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Hi All,

I have requirement to build report

1. Status with Latest Date.

I have a date column,status column populating from same dimension table. I want to get the latest Date from Date column. At a report level we can add MAX Function on date column but I want to achieve this in RPD.  how can we implement this at RPD level ?



  • Joel
    Joel ✭✭✭✭✭

    You'd need to do a MAX of your date column and partition it by your status column.

    MAX(date_column BY status_column)

  • How can we implement this at RPD Level ?

    I have Dimension table W_STATUS_D - Created two alias 1. W_STATUS_D_Generic Date, 2. W_STATUS_D_Latest_Date and Fact table W_MXD_F.

    I joined the two alias tables to fact table with common column Status ID. In BMM Layer I created One logical table with Two LTS (which are alias of Dimension tables and mapped columns one on one except date column). It is having Status column, Generic date column and Latest Date column which I have assigned MAX on this column.But the thing is that When I pulled Latest Date column in report it is not applying MAX function. I checked the back end code where it is not even considering the column.