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OBIEE 12C Query Limits

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Hi all,

Hopefully a fairly simple one.
We have about 50-100 application roles and about 20-30 subject areas in the RPD.

I want to apply a rule where EVERYONE except Administrators is limited to a query limit of <= 60 minutes.
I know I can do this manually in the RPD identity management but this will take me an eternity.

Is there an easier way to do this or a method of doing it programmatically?




  • Adam Wickes wrote:Is there an easier way to do this or a method of doing it programmatically?

    I wouldn't call it "programmatically" and it definitely would be "do as I say, not as I do" and I wouldn't take responsibility for any potential mess-up Including death) of your RPD if you're ok with all those caveats, then yes, there would be a way

  • Adam Wickes
    Adam Wickes ✭✭✭✭✭

    ooooo this is exciting... I like to live dangerously
    Hypothetically, if someone was to do this, what could they do?

  • You can't copy+paste such filters into notepad like you can with a logical dimension or a presentation column etc but you CAN theoretically, hypothetically and in an absolutely UNADVISABLE fashion (seriously people if you do this, everythign after this is your own fault) transform the whole RPD into XML using biserverxmlgen, then open it in Notepad, clone the section of the business model filter you want 500 times, change 499 references to the app roles you want (keep your original), use biserverxmlexec to create an RPD and run it.

    Not supported, not advisable.

    No, seriously for all people who aren't capable of reading things spelled out twice, here's a third time. in all caps: NOT SUPPORTED. NOT ADVISABLE. DO NOT DO THIS.

    Image result for do not do this

  • Adam Wickes
    Adam Wickes ✭✭✭✭✭

    so what you're saying is that I should definitely do it?

    Only joking... You've scared me off enough to do it manually. Thanks for the hypothetical solution though. Appreciate it Christian.

  • Only an almost clinically certifiable person would do this. Translation:  guess why I came up with this