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How To Disable Or Remove The Export / Download - Data - CSV Format Option in 11g

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How To Disable Or Remove The Export / Download - Data - CSV Format Option in OBIEE 10g And 11g (Doc ID 1270579.1).

I tried to follow the steps given in oracle…

But this is not working and i still get the option to export to excel.





  • On which exact version are you trying to do that?

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build 131008.1224.5 64-bit)

    A correction in my original Query. I am actually trying to disable export to CSV .(Not excel )

  • from 25th October 2013?! You are using an almost 7 year old version?

    Apart from the fact that this is no longer supported - what's written in the support document works so it's either done in the wrong file or not applied correctly or something else. We did it N times back in the day but I don't even have a version as old as that to look at and haven't had one in about 4-5 years.

  • I am sure that i have followed all the steps to the dot as per  the oracle doc.

    In my environment the files are under .


    After the changes were done, restarted services from EM.

  • The purpose of this was to avoid download to CSV on a single report. But , since that is hard, i decided to turn it off at system level using the oracle doc instructions which didn't work for me.

    Now i used HTML code in text object to get a workaround solution on the report for now.

    We can close this thread.

    Thanks Christian Berg for providing your valuable time to help me out  anyways.