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OBIEE Physical Diagram Join

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Within the Oracle BI Administration Tool, I opened my RPD file.

I selected two tables in the physical layer, right-clicked, and selected Physical Diagram -> Object(s) and Direct Joins.

I clicked on the New Join icon at the top of the screen and selected each table one at a time which opened the Physical Foreign Key dialog box. The expression defaults to this:

"Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table1"."column" = "Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table2"."column"

I need to add to this expression. Through the expression builder, I now have this:

"Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table1"."col1" = "Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table2"."col1" OR

"Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table1"."col2" = "Physical Layer".""."schema"."Table2"."col2"

If I then "OK" my way out of these screens, and then reopen the Physical Diagram and the Join Expression, it now shows AND instead of OR between these two expressions.

Is there a "save" button that I am missing?




  • Delete the existing join and create a new one entering your correct expression directly.

    When you create a physical join as table1.column = table2.column OBIEE does create a "physical foreign key" kind of join. This one is really only column = column and if needed many columns = many columns.

    Your new join condition is an OR, this in OBIEE should be a "complex join".

    The issue is that once a join is created as "physical foreign key" it can't be converted to a "complex join". So you delete the existing one (the "physical foreign key" join) and when creating it again with your OR expression it will be created as a "complex join".