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OBIEE View Selectors vs Column Selectors

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Our goal is give the users a choice between displaying actual values or absolute values. The original thought was to create one view for each of these, and then add a view selector so the user can choose which one to see.

However, in our case, we can drill down to a lower level report. The selected value on the first screen needs to be passed to the second screen.

Is that possible? In other words - can the selected value from the view selector on the first screen be passed (as a presentation variable, perhaps) to a lower level screen?

As we looked into this, we learned that a column selector may be another option. We just haven't figured out how these work yet. Given our requirement to pass the selected value between screens, can we use a column selector? If so, can someone point us to an example of how these work?




  • The passing of values is automatic, there's nothing you need to configure apart from having the same attributes which you want filters exist as such in the target analysis.

  • Thanks.

    We've passed values between screen before - but it's always been values from various attributes. Does the value selected from a value selector also get passed automatically? If so, how do we refer to it on the target page and analysis?

  • What exactly do you mean with "value selector"? There are "View Selectors", "Column Selectors" and "Prompts" but nothing that's a "value selector".

  • Sorry.. that was a typo on my part.

    I meant to say View Selector.

  • In the view selector you select just that - a view i.e. a visualization of the data retrieved by the analysis.

    When you drill or navigate what gets passed is contextual information like columns and their values. So "Country" = "Germany" for example. And since the "Country" column exists in your originating analysis (independent of the view selector) and exists in your destination analysis, it is being passed as a filter criterion.

  • Just a quick follow-up on this...

    I ended up abandoning the View Selector approach. In its place, I added a variable dashboard prompt and assigned it to a presentation variable.

    Then, when the user drills down to the lower level pages, I included a column in my analysis whose formula is a "case" statement. If the value of my presentation variable it "ABS", then I display the absolute value of the amount column. Otherwise, I display the actual value of the amount column.