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RPD Calculated Field is not Working

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Hello All,

I have the requirement to calculate the below field in OBIEE RPD. Here F is a Fact table and D is a Dimension table and C1, C2 are columns in dimension table.

TestColumn: Case f.source when 'A' then d.C1 when 'B' then d.C2 end

Q1. I calculated this field in RPD. When i drag this column in to the criteria in OBIEE analysis, It is giving me an error if i don't use at least one column from Fact Table.

But when i do the same calculation in front end rather than doing it in RPD then it is working fine even if i don't use a column from Fact table. Can someone please explain Why? Am i missing anything?

Q2. Also, When i'm using a RPD calculated field (TestColumn) along with a column from fact, it is giving me the results with out throwing an error But when i click on the filter for TestColumn and select the value drop down it is throwing me ODBC Error( failed to load(odbc driver returned an error (sqlexecdirectw).)

Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance.