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Initiate login page when opening report in new tab in OBIEE


Hello guys,

We have specific request from our client. They have one custom Home Page with specific reports which is run through their portal via link, with user name and password fixed within the link (this Home page and these reports are associated only to one specific user). On the other hand, when they choose the other link for any of the other DWH reports, they get the new tab with same Home page, since they stayed logined with the previous user, so they don't get the desired Home Page with the reports they need, but instead they get the same window with these specific reports. So, the question is, is there any configuration to be done (in OBIEE or in Web Browser) to render the login page first whenever users switch between report links that should be opened in new tab, without having to Sign Out previously, and log in again with the appropriate user? Signing out is the step to be skipped, instead login page should appear in new tab and when they enter the credentials, the content given in the link should be seen...

I hope i managed to describe the situation. Thanks in advance !

BR, Mihajlo