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Passing value from one report to another report as a parameter using value as a hyperlink

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Hi All,

can you someone help me on this issue obiee report.

Details : report 1

Subject area A : column X (values in X is 1,2)


subject area B : column Y(values in X is 3,4)

in Report both columns X & Y consider as a Z column. Z will combine both the values display data in a single row. on top of Z column, I have created value as hyperlink.

Report 2 :

created a report using the same subject areas as union and the same columns. created a filter on both subject area's using the same presentation variable to display the data based on report 1

scenario: if I open report 1 I can see data 1..4. if I click on the value for example if I click on the value 1, then it will navigate to report -2 and display the value as 1.

issue: In report 2 I can see data only for 1 & 2, not 3 &4. if I change the sequence of the subject area in report 1, first subject area B Union Subject area A in this case I can see data in the report 2 only 3 & 4.

can some one help on this issue?