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OBISCH,OBICCS components in new node not starting after adding node in cluster

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I am trying to add 3rd node on a 2 node machine. When I try to add new node to the cluster OBISCH,OBICCS are not coming up. Rest all other components are up and running.

I see error in Nodemanager.log as below(Failed to get environment from EndpointManager). The error is same for both obisch3 and obiccs3. There is no other log file generated for obisch3 and obiccs3 in the servers folder.

Please assist me in resolving this.

<Jun 28, 2021 10:35:52 PM PDT> <SEVERE> <Plugin threw out unexpected exception java.lang.RuntimeException from method props). This is very likely a BUG in plugin implementation and may lead to unexpected behavior. The legal exception allowed from this method is The unexpected exception is: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to get environment from EndpointManager; null>

java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to get environment from EndpointManager; null


at weblogic.nodemanager.server.NMProcess.start(


at weblogic.nodemanager.server.DecoratedSystemComponentManager$DecoratedProcess.start(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerMonitor.startProcess(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerMonitor.start(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerManager.startServer(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerManager.start(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleStart(

at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleCommand(



Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException



... 11 more

<Jun 28, 2021 10:35:52 PM PDT> <WARNING> <Server start command for OBISCH server 'obisch3' failed due to: [Unexpected exception from Plugin: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to get environment from EndpointManager; null]. Please check Node Manager log and/or server 'obisch3' log for detailed information.>



  • Let me know if you need any more details

    Current status is as below

    Name      Type      Machine         Restart Int Max Restart Status

    ----      ----      -------         ----------- ----------- ------

    AdminServer  Server     aws13oasqa01       unknown  unknown   RUNNING

    bi_server1   Server     aws13oasqa01       unknown  unknown   RUNNING

    bi_server2   Server     aws13oasqa02       unknown  unknown   RUNNING

    bi_server3   Server     aws13oasqa03       unknown  unknown   RUNNING

    obips1     OBIPS     aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obijh1     OBIJH     aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obiccs1    OBICCS     aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obisch1    OBISCH     aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obis1     OBIS      aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    ohs1      OHS      aws13oasqa01       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obips2     OBIPS     aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obijh2     OBIJH     aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obiccs2    OBICCS     aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obisch2    OBISCH     aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obis2     OBIS      aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    ohs2      OHS      aws13oasqa02       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obips3     OBIPS     aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obijh3     OBIJH     aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obis3     OBIS      aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    RUNNING

    obisch3    OBISCH     aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    SHUTDOWN

    obiccs3    OBICCS     aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    SHUTDOWN

    ohs3      OHS      aws13oasqa03       3600    5000    RUNNING

  • How you able to resolve this?

  • If you have a question, then please open your own new thread and clearly and precisely describe your problem.

  • Hi User_JKVJZ,

    This is actual product behavior documented below

    The Cluster Controller and Oracle BI Scheduler on APPHOST2 are passive (they are started but do not service requests) and are only made active if APPHOST1 components fail.

    So at a time only 2 Cluster Controller and Oracle BI Scheduler can be up and running.