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Hi Experts, @Gianni Ceresa

I have 1 fact table and 5 dimensions and in that one is from different database.

if I pull 1 fact table and 3 dimension from 1 database and 1 from different database works perfect.

but If I pull 1 fact and 4 dimension from 1 database and 1 from different database it throws out an error

. Code: 12061. [nQSError: 12061] Communication error connecting to remote end point.

Please have your service administrator review this error


  • a) Please don't @ people directly to get your question answered. Forum participation is voluntary and not remunerated. If you want somebody to do your work, then hire them and pay them.

    b) A DB communication error is much more of a basic issue that you need to fix before modeling things together. Does the second DB connection work on its own? Can you actually read and analyze data coming from that source? Does it use the correct connectivity information? etc etc.

    Fix the basics and the rest will work.

  • Dir_Pal
    Dir_Pal ✭✭✭✭✭

    My Bad at tagging a particular person sorry about that. I will think about hiring a person Thanks for you valuable suggestion.

    If you have seen my question I clearly stated its working individually

    "if I pull 1 fact table and 3 dimension from 1 database and 1 from different database works perfect." that states that it is working.

    if Its a basic issue I would have resolved the issue without any issue. So if u have any advance solution do let me know.

  • The thing is that there is still a lot of info missing to have a full picture of the context of your setup.

    And BI Server errors code aren't as documented and universally known as an Oracle database ORA error, so no idea if I even ever saw a "nQSError 12061".

  • If the queries run on their own then your model is at fault. As Gianni said we can't know what you did in detail. How did you federate your data? How did you model things precisely? What did exactly you do on the physical level? What exactly did you do on the logical level?

    Also: I doubt the current "accepted answer" is an actual answer for this thread.