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OBIEE 12C; Conditional formatting not working when measure added

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I am applying conditional formatting on a text column where I change some of the lines to Bold while others must remain Regular text.

This work correctly but as soon as I add a measure a few lines' conditional formatting is ignored and the default style is applied.

I noticed that the conditional formatting is only being ignored on lines where there are no values for the specific lines. The conditional formatting is only applied on the line column and not the measure. "Include rows and columns with only Null values" is enabled in the pivot's properties.

Essbase is used as a source and in the RPD the measure dimension is specified as measure type = Measure Dimension in the Physical layer. In the OBIEE analysis the measure is also color coded as yellow indicating that it is a valid measure. No consistency errors are reported in the RPD.

Versions: OBIEE installed on Unix O/S and I am using a MS Edge browser,

Please refer to the attached screenshots.





  • What's your precise condition. If you don't handle NULLs in the condition then the system does precisely what you ask it to do.

  • The conditional formatting is simply changing some lines to Bold font style. The default font style in the selected column's Column Properties is set to Regular.

    The conditional formatting logic is as follows:

    If the line code is T0001;T0002;T0003;T0004;T005;T0005 change the font style to Bold.

    I do not refer to the measure at all in the conditional formatting, only the line, but when I add the measure to the analysis then some lines' conditional formatting is ignored.