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Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to Dashboard Prompts

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We have a dashboard prompt that contains multiple user input text boxes and drop down menus. To the right of all that are the apply and reset buttons. Some users have noted that if their screen resolution is too high, they are unable to access the input boxes or the buttons on the far right.

Currently they are tabbing their way over to see the right portion of the screen. They are asking if I can add a horizontal scroll bar as an alternative to tabbing over.

One solution I found was to use a Custom CSS Style. It was suggested I use "overflow: auto;" here. I added that to the section containing those prompts, but I do not see a scroll bar when my resolution is increased or when I shrink the size of my browser window.

Is there another way to add a horizontal scroll bar here?

Thank you!




  • I'd suggest you rather look at redesigning your dashboard layout and how you constrain/query data rather than playing with settings that may or may not work in the next version.

    One option would be to drop the "Apply" button and utilize auto-apply.

    Another is to re-arrange your prompts vertically and horizontally so they frame the content.

    Yet another is to have a dedicated dashboard page where all prompts which are shared across the pages of the dashboards are grouped and set a common context.

    And then there's of course the option to split the prompts into multiple sections and use collapsible sections.

    There's probably more you can do with standard functionality which is guaranteed to work across all versions.