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Multiple Fact tables for single Measure

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Hi Everyone,

We are having 2 fact tables (Fact_1, fact_2), Fact_1 is having current year sales data and Fact_2 is having historical sales data other than current year and 2 Dim tables was joined for both fact tables.

In the report level if we want current sales data it has to pick from Fact_1 and if we want history sales data it has to pick from Fact_2 table how we can achieve this.

Version we are using OBIEE




  • Hi,

    In the RPD you make a single logical fact table, having 2 logical table sources pointing to Fact_1 and Fact_2 and you define the fragmentation rules to tells OBIEE what LTS does contains what data. The tool will do the job by queries one, the other or both depending on the fragmentation rules you set and the analysis you build.