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Presentation Layer: Custom Display Names and Dynamic Variables?

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I'm trying to populate Custom Display Names for objects in the Presentation Layer using Dynamic Variables. I tried using a repository variable, but it had no impact on the display name in my subject area. I tried using a session variable also, and it made the display name BLANK in my subject area.

Sample Repository Variable: VALUEOF("Relative_Fiscal_Years"."global_CURRENT_FISCAL_YEAR")


I'm basically just taking this string and populating it in the Custom Display Name in the properties of a column in a presentation table. Is there something else that needs to happen with the Syntax here? I'd like to do this using the repository variable, but will take the session variable if it works. I've seen it mentioned in a few articles here, but do not see any documentation on doing this anywhere.

Otherwise, I know I can hardcode the names I want to use and that works, but will require maintenance once a year. I'm also able to do this by changing the column defaults in the catalog to use a custom heading based off a presentation variable which references my session variable. Those are probably acceptable solutions, but not as elegant.




  • I think I actually got this, using repository variables, which is my preferred approach

    I simply entered, referencing a repository variable, with hardcoded text at the end of my string.

    VALUEOF(global_NEXT_FY2_NAME) Spring Forecast

    So it returns "FY25 Spring Forecast".