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OBIEE combines subject areas Include rows/columns with Null values not available

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Good day everyone

I created an OBIEE analysis which consists of a combination of 2 subject areas using "Combine results". I however noticed afterwards that you cannot use the "Include rows/columns with Null values" option in the pivot properties as it is greyed out/not available.

Is there a Oracle patch/enhancement available for this or a workaround that some can suggest?

Thank you.




  • What "Combine Results" are you talking about? Haven't touched OBIEE in years, but adding Subject Areas in OAS (the current version) works perfectly well:

    And all NULL options of the pivot work just as advertised:

  • Hi Christian

    We are using OBIEE

    I am referring to combining 2 results sets as in a union. See screenshots below:

    In the pivot properties "Include rows/columns with Null values" is not available:

    In your example it is showing all lines as the intersection with the Paid Amount column has data. I want the whole row to show even if there is not a single value in the whole row.

  • Ok so you're talking about UNIONs. True, UNIONs do not give you those buttons for "front end trickery" because by deafult when you do an UNION ALL you will get exactly that...a UNION ALL with the NULLs just like in the example above.