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OAS 6.4 "System Settings" console

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Anyone else frustrated with the implementation path oracle is going down with the /analytics/systemsettings console? Every version they put out this thing becomes more treacherous.

The "View" settings section interacts and behaves with instanceconfig.xml differently than the "Performance and Compatibility" settings section with NQSConfig.INI. In the "View" section you can null out the defaulted Max Rows, and it will honor instanceconfig.xml's set value. However, if you try to null out Maximum Work File Percentage Size, it won't let you and it's impossible to have it take the value from NQSConfig.INI.

Then ontop of that, consider the "Cache Enabled" setting, you could set it in /systemsettings, but then if you are using global cache, it would seem you must use Enterprise Manager and/or NQSConfig.INI anyways, and who knows how that 3 way interaction shakes out?

Apparently if a person wants to automate the read/write of any of these variables they now have to take up configPropertyBuilder instead of simply modifying a string in a config file. So as an admin if I want to auto provision an environment I have to setup all these weblogic scripting tool propertybuilder definition settings, that will then likely be modified enough to be useless with the next yearly release. Whereas in the past I could simply sync an environments config file from source control.


  • I will not say I agree or disagree, but that's the price to pay to have a cloud product running on a black box (no access to the system or any config file) ported to on-premises.

    Do I like it? Nope

    Can I live with it? Not really a choice...