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Integrate Oracle JET library into OAC

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Oracle JET should be by default deployed and made available on OAC Platform by Oracle. Oracle JET has more options for Custom Visualizations which OAC don't support (Example: Custom tiles options etc.). It will be a great help to developers who don't need to look for third party open source scripts to build custom visualizations.

In OBIEE 12c, there was an option to deploy this library as bar file however since OAC is managed by Oracle, customers don't have access to the server to deploy this library hence this key feature is not available in OAC.

Please deploy Oracle JET libraries (by default) in OAC and make available for everyone to use.

Use Case and Business Need

We needed to build circular gauge/tile which is not available in OAC but available in JET. This was built in OBIEE 12c but could not replicate in OAC. Reference link given below.

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