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We are having troubles with correct behaviour of data refresh in our DV projects, which are based on external (database) data sets, which are having Data Access property set to"Live".
We have been expecting, that whenever you run DV projects, data are queried from corresponding data source (DB table, SQL query) - but this is not happening.
You have to explicitly refresh the data using "Refresh Data" button in DV project UI (this is in case, where BI Server caching is switched on and data are cached).

But this is pausing one big trouble for consumers, who I running DV projects in so called presentation mode (URL with parameter reportmode=presentation). We dont want consumersto be "bothered" with all UI controls intended for authors, not for consumers - so obviously presentation mode is the best option for consumers.

But in presentation mode, there is no possibility for consumer to perform Data Refresh (since this control/button for performing Data Refresh is not available in presentation mode).

So to overcome this, having Refresh Data button/control available also in presentation mode of DV project is highly advisable feature for our users-cosnumers of DV projects.

We have also tried (as a workaround to "bypass" this incorrect functionality) so called auto-refresh plugin from Analytics library ( - but this plugin works correctly just when exposed on first canvas of DV project.
It does not work on other canvases of the same project (basically it does not refresh data at all on those other canvases).

Use Case and Business Need

Consumers of DV projects runnign DV projects in presentation mode are not able to refresh data and are getting stale data from BI Server cache.

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  • As we are creating more and more analytics with Read only users, it would be good to give the Refresh option to them. Thank you so much!

  • Bank customers need live dashboards to monitor their metrics. The Refresh Data button could incorporate the function to Auto-Refresh the data every peiod of time (Ex.: Every 30 seconds, Every 1 minute, Every 1 hour, etc.)

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Daniel,

    you are absolutelly right. If you are exposing DV project, with volatile data (external data sets from Oracle database for example), you dont want to run into situation, where consumer got stale data (because they are comming from BI Server cache) and you want to allow (if you cannot bypass BI Server cache - at least I dont know how to achieve for DV data sets - I know, how to achieve for "traditional" subject areas from metadata - where you can on physical layer for tables "disable" BI Server caching) perform data refresh (thus get fresh data from database for visualization on DV project).

    Your idea for auto-refresh would be even better (users dont have to take care of manul refresh - if they could to that in presentation mode) - so we tried to leverage this "Auto-refresh" plugin, provided in Oracle Analytics Library, but as I already pointed, this plugin works correctly only on first canvas of DV project, on the other canvases, it does not refresh data at al....

    Kind regards


  • A few additional questions -- are these set up with Live or Auto query mode?  Said another -- is the main issue the UI/Query cache?  Additionally, are they looking for continual refresh while the report is being displayed or they just need to be sure it is refreshed when it is loaded?  If refreshed continually, if for example a lot of users leave the browser open a long time, this may create a lot of load on the system (both OAC and the back end data source) is that okay?   

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Data Sets are set for Live query mode (as I pointed, data are quite volatile and using Auto query mode would require to perform Reload manually by data set owner). It is about BI Server cache - when somebody runs DV projects, results for visualization are cached in BI Server cache (we cannot "switch off" BI Server cache for the whole OAS instance, since the instance is used for different purpose - also serving Answers/Dashboards with Subject Areas, where caching is pretty helpfull) and next consumer of same DV project is server from BI Server cache and if underlying data changes in the meantime, they get incorrect (stale) data. So the solution would be :

    A) To have the option for some DV data sets (sourced from Oracle db) to set property "Dont use BI server cache for this data sets" - unfortunatelly, this does not exists


    B) Allow for consumers of DV project (running in presentation mode) to either refresh data manually (exposing then this "Data Refresh" button in presentation mode) or allow some auto-refresh capability on DV project First option would be sufficient (thus manul refresh)


  • Michal,

    We are adding a fine grain controls in Present that will allow the author to:

    1. set controls on visualization actions (such as drill, sort, copy data, export etc) - planned for March 2022 update
    2. set controls on header bar options - one of the option is show/hide Data Refresh option to end users. I believe this will satisfy your need to expose (or not) the data refresh option depending on your requirement. This is active project, work in progress
    3. This will be followed by fine grain control for filter bar (workbook), Visualization toolbar in the coming releases
  • Hello @Avinash Krishnaram-Oracle ,

    While on that, would you please take at this partially related idea?

    620546. (pin filters to all canvases in Presentation Mode)

    Thank you,


  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Avinash Krishnaram-Oracle Thanks for you comprehensive answer - this looks promising. Since we are OAS customer, we can expect (I guess) all those new features in yearly OAS release for 2023.