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Ability to change default functionalities options at the Server Level


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Oracle GSO


We want to have the possibility to change the default options for certain functionalities at the Server level (for all the DV Projects existing on an OAS Server).

Use Case and Business Need

Our primary focus is on the Filters > "Limit Values By" and "Brushing" functionalities.

But this should be extended to other functionalities as well.


Change default value for "Limit Values By" in filters to "None" instead of "Auto".

This is already requested in Idea 956FB40E5F.


Set the Brushing functionality to OFF instead of ON.

We noticed that for many DV Projects the Brushing functionality is generating a lot of brushing queries and this can affect the performance and user experience.

Turning OFF brushing is now possible only at the Canvas or Project level.

We want to have the possibility to turn OFF Brushing for all our DV Projects (at the Server level) and let users decide if they want to turn it ON.

Original Idea Number: 27c3b036f2

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  • Limit Values By to None would be the default expectation from customer user experience, but currently with OAS it is set to "Auto".  I had also raised a customer support service request for the same scenario

    Do we have any plans to considering this requirement as an Enhancement by OAS product team?

    SR 3-23187167851 : OAS: Data visualization : Turn off Auto-Apply and Limit by Value to None configuration


    The way to use filters in DV is to:
    - disable the limit values by setting unless you need it for a hierarchy
    - disable the auto-apply filters option so it doesn't constantly refresh on
    every selection
    - add expression filters only to the individual graphs/tables, as they do not
    behave consistently at the project/canvas level


  • We are looking for the same thing .We need to turn off brushing at the server level

  • i would liek to suggest adding this functionality also at a folder level, and then apply this configuration hierarchy.

  • Agree that brushing should either be off by default or able to be configured as such. While it's interesting conceptually and depending on use can provide additional insights, what we've found is that if it's not turned off, it can generate some unintended long-running queries against the database and affect the performance of the canvas. It would be great to have this be a feature that can be enabled as needed not turned on for all new projects.

  • I agree that there needs to be the ability to turn off the cascading filters option at either the server or project level. This may work fine for an XSA dataset, but when working with a subject area that contains multiple dimensions joined at the fact level, the performance is not impressive. It leads the user to believe there is a problem with the tool.

  • I see many customers complaining about the performance of the filters in DV. The performance is bad because by default the list of value is limited by other filters, which means that the query generated to display the list of values in the filter is a complex query that involves a fact table.
    If by default filters could be set to "limit by none" then there would be no performance issue as only the corresponding dimension would be queried.