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Ability to set/declare presentation variable(s) from filters in Data Visualization


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In "traditional" OBIEE world (Asnwers/Dashbords) we have the ability to set/declare so called presentation variable from dashboard prompts and then use the presentation variable in calculations in Answers (analysis).

It would be very handy (advisable) to have the same possibility in Data Visualiuation - thus :

  • Ability to set/define presentation variable in canvas filters (similar to dashboard prompt functionality)
  • Ability to use presnetation variables in DV project calculations (this is already there)

I know, that there is a custom plugin called in Oracle Analytics Library ( called "Presentation Variable Prompts", but this plugin is really not very much usable/flexible, so using this plugin is not an option.


Use Case and Business Need

To have same flexibility as in Answers/Dashboards for usage of presentation variables in DV gives more possibilities to create more sofisicated analysis/reporting in Data Visualization.


Original Idea Number: db4b7a2965

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Delivered with OAC March 2023 update and for OAS annual 2023 update



  • Jeff Jordan
    Jeff Jordan ✭✭✭

    Customizing data to the user is beneficial.

  • Wilian Perone
    Wilian Perone ✭✭✭✭

    This functionality is highly desirable. As we need to show lots of information in small screen/areas, the possibility of having column selectors, value selectors etc is a must. 

  • Very desirable feature. Presentation/request variables passed between prompts and analyses is very common for our implementations and moving such analyses into DV is not possible without this.

  • My users are asking for more integration between Analytics and DV and the use of presentation/dashboard variables is a big part of that.

  • The ability to define presentation variables in DV canvas filters is highly desirable. Because there is not a single user experience between Answers and DV, most customers like to use one or the other - and, appropriately so, in most cases DV is what is being used. That means that all the sophisticated and complex scenarios that arise when going beyond data exploration must be addressed via DV. Presentation variables would help with that.

  • IMHO, Almost every Functionality that was available on premise should be ported to the cloud version.

    I would like to see a document of deprecated functionality and maybe their justification to be left out. Otherwise, I tend to believe it is an omission and a regression, With all due respect.

  • Dan Vlamis
    Dan Vlamis ✭✭✭✭

    If the intent is to move dashboard creators to DV canvases, then you have to have this. So many dashboards were created with variables (all types) in mind. There were reasons for full support of variables and you need them in DV projects. Indeed, give us a reasonable way to see what variables exist and their current value. Surely the OA machinery "knows" what variables exist; just give us a way to access the current value of each variable. This would help so much with debugging.

  • This is a must have. The current workaround in DV results in far too many tabs

  • Fully agree with comments above. Presentation variables are a "must have". OBIEE/Answers is particularly strong when working with variables as these are providing the flexibility and power which filtering would not provide. In DV this is not available, hence, project implementations are pushed towards Dashboards/Answers, and that is killing OA. The presentation variables plugin from sample library actually could work if population of list of values would support a "query". Typing values manually is not replacing this major requirement.

  • This is a must needed feature as the impact is high. I could not imagine any complex business reports without the flavor of presentation variables. If Oracle would like to shift users from OBI to DV and to make DV more interactive this is a definite point to consider/

  • Completely agree. Also can be useful to add in some way the "Logical SQL" to the session variables, much needed in calculated fields to customize/conditionalize reports.

  • We recently had a use case where we had to provide the capability to compare the forecast values between any two dates (this client generated a new forecast every day). We could not do this in DV because DV required the prompt for the forecast date to be defined as a range - it did not allow the prompt/filter for forecast date to be a specific date. We then tried to use presentation variables to store a specific date selected by the user but DV did not offer the ability to provide a user choice list for the prompt/filter values like Answers does. So we had to solve this issue using Answers.

    The screen prints below are from Answers where we were able to satisfy the requirement.

    dashboard and edit prompt view.JPG

  • This feature is essential in the Oracle DV because the presentation variable is needed at many places in the reports.

  • Missing this very basic feature is an unfortunate obstacle to further progress in our business. This is a must!

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Dan,  completely agree with you - as N. Amstrong said : "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" smiley.

    To have (from UI) access to all variables (session/repository), defined in metadata is something, is something, which should not be that big deal to implement...

    Oracle is chasing for "shiny" new features in OAC/OAS and neglecting  (on the other side) to elaborate basic stuff, which is not visible at first glance (and thus not that good for marketing), but are essential for building good reporting system. I hope, somebody is listening to our laments.


  • Bhavin Khatri
    Bhavin Khatri ✭✭✭✭

    Need this feature.

  • This is requested by many customers who need this feature to implement complex reporting requirements in DV.

  • This will be very helpful, so that the DV side will have the same features that BI classic already has. We need this feature for a big project in our health system. Please consider adding to the future releases. Thanks

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am addressing this comment to Oracle Product Development - this Idea has been created quite long time ago (more than year) and it collected numerous reaction/thubs up. For some time (I think 2 months or longer) it has been marked as "Under Oracle Review". I would like to know, what is the status of evaluation/review and also the decision - whether this Idea is going to be implemented in some reasonable timeframe.

    Thanks for Product Development response in advance.

  • Introducing variables into DV is an active project, but it is also a complex one. There is a dedicated team working on it, but time lines are still not clear as they are still mostly focused on cleaning hurdles. While we can clearly say that this feature is planned, it will take some time for us to provide an ETA.

  • Do we have any timeline for implementation as this is planned.

  • Currently planned LA for later this year.

  • looking forward for this feature to be added in Oracle DV. ?

  • Hi - any update on a more specific date of when we can expect this capability? Thanks!

  • Branden Pavol
    Branden Pavol ✭✭✭✭

    This would dramatically help since the data blending is so limited

  • Hello,

    A co-worker just brought to my attention that there is a variable prompt but its only available through the use of an extension/plug-in. Can anyone elaborate on if this is the solution that was planned or is this an interim solution?

    Thank you!

  • Branden Pavol
    Branden Pavol ✭✭✭✭

    I have had pretty much zero success using Extensions/Plugins in DV. I told my team to stop using them because they are unreliable and very buggy. If Oracle plans to add presentation variables in DV, it will need to be built in functionality or it will be destined to fail, in my opinion.

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    Variable plugin in Analytics library is really very "bad toy" ( I think, it has been mentioned in discussion several times), so we all are eagerly waiting for real implementation of presentation variable handling (setting them in smart way - similarly as in "classical" part in dashboard prompts) in DV UI.

  • Jerry Casey
    Jerry Casey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just commenting to reinforce all of the above comments. Presentation variables are used throughout our existing dashboards. We won't be getting much use out of DV until PVs can be used in them.