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Add Sparkline Charts in DV Table and Pivot visualizations

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Enable the possibility to create Sparkline Charts in DV Table and Pivot visualizations.

Use Case and Business Need

This functionality already exists in other BI tools and it would be nice to have it in DV as well.

Example from Tableau: 


Sparkline Charts examples:

Original Idea Number: 4563edd572

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  • TimVlamis
    TimVlamis ✭✭✭✭

    Warning: Rambling comment below.

    I think sparklines can add to visual presentations when they're well used. We do have the ability to create Trellis charts in DV, but not with mixed graph and display types. Excel has the ability to add mini sparkline graphs in tables (very nice feature). Single line, area, bar, and 2 color bar for descenders should suffice. Maybe what you're asking for is the opportunity to have more fine-grained formatting control, particularly with spacing, fonts, and layouts? DV has come a long way, but we could still use more explicit control within graphs and tables (just hide it from casual users). 

    Sparklines can be tough. Even in the above example, it's not clear what the graphs and numbers are communicating (due to missing headers perhaps?). Edward Tufte first popularized sparklines in his book Beautiful Evidence -- great exploration of the topic. We have Advanced Trellis charts in the classic Answers interface which are basically "sparkline-like" mini graphs. The key difference between the two different types of trellis layouts is that the Advanced Trellis graphs are individually scaled. This can lead to users misinterpreting the data pretty easily, especially if they're looking at a dashboard and are bringing certain kinds of interface expectations. Tufte describes using sparklines without any scaling at all, but within the context of a narrative. 

    I'm all for finer grained control of displays within Oracle Analytics, so I voted this up.  

  • Wilian Perone
    Wilian Perone ✭✭✭✭

    The Sparlines would be of a great addition for better visual communication with senior leadership.

  • Angel Shipp
    Angel Shipp ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sparklines add more insights to data being presented. Answer questions before they are raised.