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Ability to allow command line/shell scripts to execute data flows


Organization Name

Verizon Communications


Please add feature to allow command line/shell scripts to execute data flows similar to how BI Agents can be called to run from traditional OBIEE.  

Use Case and Business Need

We would like to be able to run Data Flows to refresh Data Sets based on completion of our daily load in our Oracle OCI DB.  

More details

With the current options, we have to either schedule it to run repeatedly throughout the day (e.g., every hour) to make sure we catch when our processing completes (since it can varies from day to day).  In this instance, we unnecessarily run the data flow when it only needs to run one time putting unnecessary load on the DB.  The other option is to load at a scheduled time, but if our processing runs late, then we've missed the window and have to manually run it (or not have it update) for that day.

Original Idea Number: 15383ed23b

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This is not yet delivered and is planned.