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Passing a file as an input parameter to Fusion BI Publisher report

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Passing a file as an input parameter to Fusion BI Publisher report



I have a requirement to invoke a Fusion HCM BI Publisher report from a third party middleware and use the output of the report to process further steps in the middleware.

The input for this report will be a string of employee numbers which are comma separated. There is a limit to the number of characters that can be passed as an input parameter. So we are not able to process all the employee numbers in a single parameter instead we are forced to have multiple parameters and split the input employee number string into multiple strings.

Is there any option/work around to load the input values as a file so that the parameter size restriction can be overcome?




  • Thanks Tim. I did try this previously and it does work when I try to load from my local folders. But I want this file to be constantly updated in each run with different sets of employee ids.

    Can we configure any File server as a data source or should we use only the Sample dat files and Demo files location that comes by default. If so how can we access these locations? If I place a file here with the same file name each time the report runs, will it automatically refresh the data?

    Is it possible to send this file to these directories using the ReportService webservice?



  • timdexter
    timdexter ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Thiagu

    BIP can handle XLS/XLSX as inputs for a report. So you can place all the emps in a single column and load them into a data model. Each time the report runs it will look for the file to process it.

    Check the BIP documentation for more on Excel data sources


  • In addition to my last comment, I don't see any option to configure a new file based data source in BI Administration. Do we need any specific role?