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API for programmatically manipulating DV objects Data Visualization and automate DV tasks in OAS


We are striving for more than 3 years (and unfortunately there is no change in newest release of OAS 2023 - this OAS release does not even have first features of REST API introduced during 2022 in OAC - we just learned that this REST API is "bounded" to cloud deployment, thus will not be available in OAS) with inability to programmatically "manipulate" DV objects  and automate repetitive DV task (connected with DevOps operations and governance).

Particularly we are missing in OAS following API :

1) Manipulation of data sets

  • Modification/Creation of data set
  • Change connection objects for tables in data set
  • Change data set ownership
  • Upload/Refresh file based data sets
  • Refresh cached data sets (based on DB connection)
  • Possibility to purge BI Server cache, connected with particular data set
  • Getting data set definitions (get different properties of data sets)
  • Setting/Getting ACL for data set

2)Manipulation of DV workbooks

  • Listing DV projects and their key properties (for example data sets used by DV workbook)
  • Ability to change key properties

3) Data Flows

  • Ability to run/monitor data flows
  • Ability to monitor/change jobs for data flows

4) System Settings 

  • programmatically change system setting (showing up in System Settings in DV console )

It can seem, that this Idea is duplicate to existing ones (for example this one:, but it is not - I again stress, that this functionality is required for Oracle Analytics Server (on-premise version of Oracle Analytics platform).

I hope, that this Idea will get Product Management attention.

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