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  • This would save a lot of time and make it easier for new users.
  • Hi, Basically, the following query only returns the employee data not the users in the hierarchy Employee Login is equal to / is in @{NQ_SESSION.USER_PARTY_ID} OR User Organization Hierarchy Based Login is equal to / is in @{NQ_SESSION.USER_PARTY_ID} If we have the below query then you see the team data: Manager of…
  • Let me add a screen shot of where I am trying to get this to work: * The filter I am trying in the analysis * The list where you can see the empty value in DATE_MAJ_FINESS * The prompt filter result Filter.png List.png Filter prompt.png
  • Hi, at the moment, when the dates are empty, the filter apply for all date (expected behaviour). I am looking for a way to show the records where the date field is NULL. Hope this makes more sense.
  • Hi Stephanie - I guess you are getting 1 because the pipeline fact "# of Closed Opportunities" only shows the 'Won' opportunities. You can check by running a simple report with the opportunity name, the Status and the # of closed opportunities. On the instance, I checked a Lost opportunity did not count in "Pipeline…
  • Hi I have built something similar in a dashboard: by default we display this month numbers and by clicking 'Last month' button, you get the numbers for the previous month. To do it: - Create two pages on your dashboard - Insert an "Action Link" on Page 1 pointing to Page 2 and similarly on page 2, pointing to page 1 In the…