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  • Thank you for your guidance. The cache was set on "Cache never expires", I will disable it to it to see if it helps
  • Hi Christian, I'm not certain if our system was setup to use cache, other tables in the RPD contain metadata except for one table I'm reporting. The metadata is not pulling through, we know for a fact that data exists but somehow, it's not pulling through to the RPD level. Is there a guide I can use to check the system…
  • Yes, a table has been mapped in our metadata repository, but does not update when the etl extracts data from the data source. I can't build any reports or dashboards using the data because it's not available on the rdp table
  • Thank you, I was hoping there was some way I could join the two tables. A bridge table or a complex join. I'm still doing research
    in RDP Tables Comment by Sisanda May 30
  • Let me try again, this is how I want the system or dashboard to behave I want to be able to display data from both tables, thats why I need to join the tables
    in RDP Tables Comment by Sisanda May 30
  • Hi Gianni, I am building a dashboard and trying to query data from two tables that belong to the same schema. However, I am unable to join the two tables because there are no common database keys (Primary keys, and foreign keys). Is there another way I can join these two tables?
    in RDP Tables Comment by Sisanda May 27
  • Im a bit confused. Can I move the dashboard contents to my shared folder, then create a new dashboard referencing to the the moved contents? Thank you
  • Hi , Thank you for your prompt response. I am using the below version of Analytics Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build BIPS-20170820114118 64-bit) Oracle BI Server Data Source AnalyticsWeb Available Paging Memory (MB) 6393 Available Virtual Address Space (MB) 134205791 Maintenance Mode is…