Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Creating a content strategy is the key to knowing what the goal of your content is and can help guide brands to better understand their customers. However, how do you know if your content is creating value or dissatisfaction with your customers? Our team of content marketers weighed in on some of the things they hate to see when it comes to creating content for customers.

  1. Quantity over Quality: This one should be obvious and can be applied to more scenarios than just marketing. Quality content makes your brand feel personable and authentic. Focus on creating targeted content that your audience can actually engage with and which sparks conversation.
  2. Chasing Quick Wins vs Long-Term Gains: When identifying and targeting potential leads, remember that you trying to find loyal customers who will stick with your brand for the long run. These customers are far more valuable than those who may only conduct business with you once. Therefore, it is important to create marketing content that focuses on developing long-term gains rather than those quick wins emphasized through hypergrowth and hyperspeed.
  3. Telling the Customer What to Do: Avoid using commands such as “In order to achieve X, you must do Y”. The purpose of content marketing should not be to tell customers what they must do, but rather provide them with enough information on a certain topic in order to create an informed decision.

To see what other common content marketing mistake could be hurting your brand, read the full blog here.

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