How to Tighten Up the Teamwork between Marketing and Sales

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Often seen as two separate entities within a company, marketing and sales teams are crucial for identifying and developing relationships between the company and its customers. In the past, these departments worked separately, which more often than not created holes in the customer’s buying journey. Today, more and more companies are realizing the importance and need for these two departments to work together in order to hold onto leads for longer and close deals faster. Here are a few tips taken from our Modern Marketing Blog to help you develop a stronger working relationship between the two teams.

  • Compare notes – Marketing and sales typically have different strategies when communicating with customers, and thus experience different customer journeys. Sharing information between departments can help the teams better understand their customer’s behaviours.
  • Create together – By taking part in brainstorming sessions together, marketing and sales teams can share each other’s marketing, customer, and competitive intelligence to develop more targeted content to engage their customers.
  • Add tools that help deepen bonds – You do not need to use every collaborative tool available at hand to reach a final outcome. Instead, use tools that your teams feel are right for their communication needs – platforms that allow for creating check-ins, tracking progress, and sharing resources that can help with both teams’ specific needs.

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