FREE - Responsys Implementation Bootcamp (LVC) for Partners with ULS

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Who doesn't like free? Oracle Partners that have an Unlimited Learning Subscription(ULS) Education license can attend the Responsys Implementation Bootcamp for free.  This LVC (Webex) bootcamp is the course that helps you obtain a formal Responsys Implementation certification.

There is a public schedule of bootcamps that you can attend at:

The next Responsys bootcamp is April 23rd, so hurry up and schedule. We are looking to hold another bootcamp in May but for now the April one is officially scheduled. Eventually this bootcamp will only be free in an OnDemand video format or by special request, so now is the time to attend. You can schedule directly in CLS, by navigating to https://learn.oracle.com/ords/training/dl4_pages.getpage?page=dl4consumption&get_params=offering:37707,container:49380 and selecting the Attend a Live Event  button.  In CLS, select the Attend a Live Event button and then select the date of the bootcamp you want to attend.


If you need to train a large number of consultants, a special LVC can be set up for you.  Enabling and certifying consultants to work on Responsys implementation is important to us, if you have a need let us know.  If you have any questions about scheduling times, dates or have a special request please contact Toni Tzenova at [email protected].

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