Insight (OBIEE) Tips | Master-Detail Linking: What it is and how to use it

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What is it?

Master-Detail Linking is an OBIEE feature that allows you to create relationships between views within an analysis. You will need to create the ‘Master’ and the ‘Detail’ views; essentially the Master view will drive the changes in the Detail view.

As you can see in the analysis below, when I select an Email Group the graph changes accordingly to return the data for that selection.

A Master and Detail view are linked through a channel; you can link, for example the Email Group attribute from a table to a slider on a graph so that your graph and section slider change when you click on a particular Email Group.

(Note when I refer to a ‘view’ I am referring to a graph or table in the analysis editor, you’ll see this term across documentation so I thought I’d keeping the terminology the same)


How to use it?

Use Case Example:

I want to see what the Total Sends by month for each Email Group.

Step 1: Creating your Master View

1. Create an analysis. In this scenario I am going to use the following attributes and metrics:

  • Month Desc
  • Email Group
  • Total Sends

2. Create a Master Column

    1. Select the column you want to make the Master (this will be the column that when clicked will drive changes in the detail view, in this example I will chose Email Group)

column> column properties> Interaction:

  • Under Value (Primary Interaction) select ‘Send Master-Detail Events’
  • Under Specify Channel you can enter any unique identifier, in this example I will enter Batman


Step 2: Create the Detail View

This view will listen for the Master view you’ve set up in the steps above.

  1. Create a graph. In this case I will use a Bar graph to show the Total Sends by month
  2. Select View Properties within the view > General > Select ‘Listen to Master-Detail Events
  •      Under Event Channels enter the name of the channel you created for your Master view ( ie. Batman)

(optional) Add a slider to your graph (this will also change as you click through various email groups): Within the graph select Edit > Check off ‘Display as Slider


Here's the final product, you'll see that you now have the ability to click on the various Email Groups, while the Bar graph changes according to the Email Group selected.


Hope you give this a try and add any questions below, thanks!

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