Eloqua WeChat Integration Use Cases

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After Oracle built the integration of Eloqua and WeChat, marketers using  Eloqua are able to promote thru WeChat - the dominant social platform in China. Regarding Eloqua WeChat Integration, check out the general product introduction here.

Customer Acquisition

Open ID is the relationship ID between a WeChat official account and a fan of this account. In another word, Open ID is the unique ID for one person in one WeChat official account. So if marketers want to do promotion thru WeChat, need to get followers' (fans') Open ID first. Here is some use cases for demonstrating how to collect followers' WeChat public information (including Open ID).

Use Case 1: Complement WeChat Public Information for Existing Eloqua Contacts

The Help Document for "Insert WeChat QR Code into an Email"


Use Case 2:  Collect WeChat Public Information from Registration in WeChat

In WeChat, followers use Eloqua landing pages (Eloqua forms) for registration, which is quite similar to what customers do with EDM. The landing pages are delivered by WeChat messages. Help Documentation for WeChat Message Definition.


Use Case 3: Collect Open ID from a Chat in WeChat

Help Documentation for "Chat in WeChat"


Use Case 4: Pull WeChat Followers from Other WeChat Official Accounts

Help Documentation for QR Code Design


Customer Engagement

Identify which nurturing campaign and which stage fits to a specific customer, then engage with him or her.

User Case 5: Identify a Campaign and a Stage for a Customer based on His Profile and His Tracked Activities


Use Case 6: Go thru Multiple Campaigns in Sequence or in Interval

Once customers get interests in a couple of product lines, marketers are able to choose to engage with the customers thru multiple campaigns (focus on different product lines) in sequence or in interval. Keep customers going thru campaigns one by one makes customers constantly focus on one product (line) in a specific period. Or, to avoid getting customers bored with single product (line), promote multiple products in interval.



Use Case 7: Combine News Push and Nurturing Campaign

The significant difference between WeChat promotion and promotions on other channel is: each WeChat follower is only able to receive 4 messages from one WeChat service account each month. Keep customers in their nurturing campaign and allow them to receive brand's news becomes a challenge for promotion on WeChat.

Help Documentation for Default Tag. Help Document for Add/Remove Tag. Help Document for Send by Tag.


8 -2 .png

Event Management

Use Case 8: Organize Offline Event by WeChat in Eloqua

WeChat as a separate promotion channel, besides engaging with customers, marketers are also able to organize offline events by WeChat in Eloqua. As EDM, marketers are able to invite customers thru WeChat, remind customers before events and also follow up after events.

Besides above, marketers are able to create and allocate E-tickets in Eloqua. Customers receive and store e-tickets in WeChat. At the event site, customers show their e-tickets (QR Codes) to marketers, and marketers scan the QR Code in WeChat to complete the ticket validation.

Help Document for "Organize Offline Events thru WeChat in Eloqua"



Customize WeChat Menu

Case 9: Custom WeChat Menu for WeChat Followers

Based on WeChat followers' profile and activities, group them and then customize their WeChat menus. Keep promoting to customers with only what they are interested in.

Help Document for Custom WeChat Menu


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