Oracle Responsys 20A Fixes and Known Issues

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Below are the fixes and known issues for the Oracle Responsys 20A Update. We frequently update this document, so be sure to check back and get the latest information.

Fixed Issues

Issue IDProduct ComponentDescription
20416573EmailBackground images are now supported in HTML emails.
29967244APIFixed an issue that prevented the call getRateLimit from returning all of the API calls that it should.
30245188ConnectWhen scheduling a Connect job, you can now select the last day of the week.
30454796Android SDK: Message CenterIn some cases, apps were fetching Rich Content for a Message Center message using fetchRichContentForMessage( ), the associated Message ID was not being included when the Rich Content was delivered to apps. This has been fixed.
30645221Android SDK: Message CenterUpon opening the app through any method other than an Explicit App Launch by tapping the app icon on the Home Screen, a retrieval of Message Center messages from Responsys was not being triggered. This has been fixed.
30651436iOS SDK: Rich Push, In-app Full Screen Web ViewOn the iPhone X family of devices (devices with a Notch), it was not possible to close full screen Rich Push and In-app web views as the Close button was extended beyond the viewable area and was not accessible. This has been fixed.
30737520iOS SDK: Open EventsOn iOS 13 Devices all Push Open Events were being logged as Active Open Events instead of Launch Open Events, resulting in a low tracked Open Rate. This has been fixed.
30921961Android SDK: User's Time Zone DetailsFixed an issue which occasionally caused a user's timezone to register incorrectly within the Responsys App Channel List.

Known Issues

Issue IDProduct ComponentDescriptionNotes or Workaround
DataCUSTOMER_ID is not populated in the HoldOut CED feed. This item will be fixed in a future update.



Interactive DashboardsWhen exporting to Excel, the 'w' on the Sent Week renders truncated.

For example, if the Sent Week is 'Wk of Aug 14, 2017', the download to Excel displays 'k of Aug 14, 2017'.
This issue does not affect PDF downloads.
Workaround is to change formatting in Excel:
  1. Highlight the Sent Week column, click 'Format Cells'.
  2. In the 'Type' section add 'W' to the existing format. Type should become 'wk of mmm dd, yyyy'
  3. Save the report.
28947146New Folder user interfaceWhen the new Folder user interface is enabled for an account, and a user tries to open the object using Ctrl+Click, the object does not open in a new tab. The object opens in the same tab.
28309622Program, CampaignWhen the user selects a locale of Korean, some error messages and dialogs are displayed in English instead of Korean:
  • Campaign preview error message
  • Access denied message (related to user role)
  • Setting & Option page for Push campaign in Program
30028726Account ManagementSelf-service domain branding is not allowing secondary accounts to be configured.
29950491ProgramPrograms may occasionally be blocked when an Audience is in Blocked status.
29964095CampaignThe campaign name is not editable in Message Designer for Push and In-app campaigns.
29999536CampaignThe i (info) icon is not displayed in the Message Designer header for SMS campaigns.
30174374 Connect

The Connect job does not start exactly on the start date specified in the schedule configured in the running daily option.


ConnectWeb Push campaigns cannot be launched from Connect.
30735379ConnectSMS campaigns cannot be launched from Connect.
30685444FilterWhen creating a simple profile filter, the In the future option is missing.

SOAP method retrieveTableRecords returns all records not the expected 200 records.

30533993APIDuring the first send of an API payload, an INVALID_REQUEST_CONTENT error appears and the call fails.Retry the API call. It should succeed on the second attempt.
30618210APICampaigns created during an ICR outage may be missing their views and metadata.
30716428Web Push Behavioral / Interaction FiltersThe Campaign Selection pop-up in Web Push Behavioral / Interaction Filters displays an incorrect icon for Web Push Campaigns.
Web Push Profile data FiltersThe Membership / Table Membership criteria in Web Push Profile data filters does not work as expected.This feature may be discontinued in a future update.
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