Salesforce Integrated App authentication issues

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I've been at this for a month and can't establish a connection to the Salesforce Integrated App in Eloqua. The Eloqua instructions at https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-user/Help/Apps/SalesforceApp/Tasks/ConfiguringConnections.htm end with "If authentication succeeds, your connected app is ready to be used." Ok, so what if it doesn't succeed? No help anywhere. Hoping someone has solved this and can help.

We've followed these steps:

  1. Installed Salesforce Integration app in Eloqua
  2. Created dedicated User in Salesforce
  3. Created Connected App in Salesforce using the callback URL for our POD
  4. Enabled OAuth on the Connected App with basically all OAuth Scopes selected
  5. Created new Connection in Eloqua app & entered consumer key, secret, login URL and mapped fields

When I attempt to authenticate the connection, I know it's accepting my password because I'm not getting an invalid password error, but when I click to allow access, I get an "Authentication failed. HTTP/1.1 302 Found" error.

What are we missing or doing wrong?

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  • @cmstrtta I have the APP successfully installed on many instances, so this is not likely to be the APP but a local environment issue. To debug I would normally follow these steps.

    1. If possible delete and re-install the APP
    2. Clear all browser cookies (reason - to ensure the latest and no previous browser settings create a conflict)
    3. Open developer tools in a browser or install one of the many extensions and follow the redirect messages (302 header is a redirect) during the process.
    4. Share info with Oracle support and ask for input

    The APP installation / instantiation is stable in my experience, so it really is a matter of looking under the cover to find which part of the comms process is failing.

    Hope that helps.