How to send an email to the selected recipients on submitting form by a customer

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While submitting a form customer can select multiple recipients by clicking checkbox in the form, based on there selection we need to send an email for each of the selected recipients.

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    Hi @User_3X8XJ

    If this is more of a temporary situationin need of a fast fix you could use the processing step called Send Notification Email. It allows you to select the recipients based on the values of a form field, in which you will submit the values. Then you can select the email you want to send, you don't have to send a standard notification email but one with real content. This would also mean those email addresses already exist as contact in your system.

    A more complicated path is to submit data to a CDO and trigger an email flow from there.

    I hope it helps,

    Codrin Teiu

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    Hi @Codrin Teiu

    We are looking to send the customized email for the list of retailers selected by customer but notification email will not allow us to edit the email body.

    could you please advise how to trigger the email based on customer selection(customer may select more than one email address) while submitting the form.

    Thanks in advance

  • Codrin Teiu
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    I would still stay with Notification Email because I assume that the retailers will want to see the form submit data. You can create a new form notification where you ask to brand the email content which allows you to add a header. Thing is that it doesn't have to be just a header, you can define a fully developed email within that header placeholder. So you will have a fully custom email, just that it will be followed by the submit data at the end of it.

    If I were to pick another way , if your email is html you could submit the value of the actual email address as a regular form field once the checkbox is checked and form submitted. From there I would create a CDO for the email address in the checkbox form field using Update CDO step and mapping the checkbox field with the email address field in CDO. Once you have them in a CDO you can send them an email. This might take a bit of trial and error.