Product Notice: Changes to Contact Card - Summary Tab [21C]

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Introduced with the Eloqua 21C Release, customers may have noticed that there was a small change made to the information available on the summary tab of Eloqua contact card.

What changed?

Previously, Eloqua's Contact card Summary tab showed the contact's Email Global Subscription status and an Email Validity indicator. As of 21C, customers will now notice that Email Validity indicator has been removed from that tab. This change has been made as part of the preparation for the launch of the Eloqua's new native SMS offering. Anticipated later this year, when Eloqua's SMS functionality becomes available, customers that use SMS will see a contact's Email Global Subscription status and SMS Global Subscription status on that summary tab.

Eloqua customers that do not use SMS will be able to see a contact's Email Global Subscription status alone on the summary tab.

Of note, customers can always see the email subscription and validity status on the Preferences tab on the Contact card as well. 

Next Steps

None. This is an informational notice and no action is expected from Eloqua customers.

Reference Images

Eloqua's Contact card Summary tab - before 21C

After 21C

Preferences Tab details


Q: As an Eloqua customer do I have an action item?

A: No. This notice is only for your information.

Q: When is the email validity indicator expected to be reintroduced on summary tab?

A: New summary tab changes will come in an upcoming release after we roll out Eloqua's native SMS channel.

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