Oracle Eloqua Product Notice: New Limits - Active Lead Scoring Models [May 2022]

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With the Eloqua 22B release, we have introduced a limit on the number of available active lead scoring models available per instance based on product edition. 

What’s Changing

Moving forward, the following number of active lead scoring models available per instance on each product edition will be as follows:

  • Enterprise: 30
  • Standard: 15
  • Basic: 1


Active lead scoring model changes come into effect per POD based on the arrival of the Eloqua 22B release.  


Q: I have multiple Eloqua instances, is this limit per customer or instance?

A: The limit applies to each instance of Eloqua. For example: For an organization with three Enterprise instances, each instance can have up to 30 active lead scoring models. Active lead scoring models cannot be pooled between environments.

Q: What happens if I exceed the limit?

A: Once the limit of active lead scoring models is reached, Eloqua will not allow additional lead scoring models to be activated. The number of active lead scoring models is displayed in the lead scoring user interface as of the 22B release.

Q: I’m currently over the limit. Will any of my lead scoring models be disabled?

A: No. If you are over the limit for your Eloqua instance at the time of the 22B release, you will be allowed to keep your current number of active lead scoring models as your limit. You will not be permitted to activate any more lead score models beyond what you have enabled unless you deactivate another model.

Q: How do I know what Eloqua edition I am using?

A: Contact your Account Manager or Oracle Support.


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