Insight (OBIEE) Tips | Agent Actions – What they are and when to use them

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Agent Actions are a great feature to create a sequence for running multiple Agents.

Let’s start with what this feature is – simply put Actions allow you to specify which Agent to invoke next. This can be based on a Condition that is true, false, or if there is no condition is set.

Benefits for using Actions:

  • Create a sequence of sending reports that applies conditional logic
  • If you have multiple reports, this establishes a priority of sending
  • Should you have any failures you won’t have to individually trigger each report, just trigger the last Agent that failed and the Action to invoke the remaining agents (aka. Domino effect) 
  • Automate drill down reporting as needed – here are a couple client examples and use cases. 

Manage cadence report distribution 

o Ex 1. At the start of every week we receive a report to show our Top Performing Campaigns. The logic here is based on a custom formula we use to measure our benchmarks. We then use Actions to trigger individual reports to each business unit (there’s multiple!). For the last agent we invoke a final report to our marketing admin to show the raw data – this also serves as a confirmation that all Agents have finished running. This helps ensure that in our weekly Wednesday meetings everyone has the data they need to discuss campaign performance for the week.  

Deliverability Monitoring

o Ex 2. We use actions to invoke a series of reports to investigate deliverability concerns. For example, we have a report set up with a filter to only show results when the hard bounce back rate is over 3% which goes to our Eloqua admin. We use this as an Agent Condition to only run when that criteria is met, which then invokes an Action to run the next agent. The next Agent uses a hard bounce back with messaging report which is set to send to the team who manages the campaign as well as our marketing admin. This allows us to share key data points with stakeholders and alert us to deliverability concerns to investigate in a timely manner.  

To set up an Action you will need to configure the last tab. Simply select the icon to “Invoke Agent” where you will select the agent you wish to run. 

 If you have any examples of how you use Actions or if you have any questions drop them below :)


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