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Hi, I'm looking for an API to attach the HTML file/template that is to be used in emails from some external source where these files are hosted and then pass the file link without passing the content code in the payload and upload in the content library using API I found the below one but not sure if passing link of externally hosted HTML will upload the file or not? is it mandatory to pass the content also?https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/responsys-rest-api/op-rest-api-v1.3-cldocs-post.html

   "documentPath": "/contentlibrary/abn/wsrest_cl.htm",
   "content": "<html dir=\"ltr\">\r\n <head>\r\n  <title><\/title>\r\n <\/head>\r\n <body>\r\n  <p>test document<\/p>\r\n  <p><img src=\"wsrest_cl.images/testcreate-1.png\" alt=\"\" /><\/p>\r\n <\/body>\r\n<\/html>\n\n"

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    Hi @Roshan Julian.S-Oracle

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    Yes, the HTML content must be in the API payload for creating/updating documents in Content Library.

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