Eloqua Engage - Send Limits Controlled Availability Program Now Open [June 2022]

Alexa Kalapaca-Oracle
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edited Jun 17, 2022 3:13PM in Eloqua

Are your sales users using Eloqua Engage? You might be interested in our new Send Limits feature for Eloqua Engage.

Today, your sales users could be hitting up the same contact without really knowing it. With send limits, you can set a limit on the number of times that a contact can be engaged over a given period of time.

Empowering sales with Engage could lead to over-engagement

Engaging with prospects and customers using Eloqua Engage is a powerful tool you're putting into the hands of your sales org. But with that power, you may want or need to set limits so that you can reduce the risk of contact unsubscribes and maintain the integrity of your contact database.

Use Engage send limits to help manage contact engagement

In the Eloqua 22B release (Apps 22.05 / May release), we introduced Engage sends limits. A new CA (controlled availability) feature, it helps manage contact burnout that can happen when sales users over-engage with a contact.

When you enable the send limits feature, Eloqua automatically looks back over the period of time you’ve set to ensure that contacts don’t exceed the number of email sends you’ve defined.

Interested in enabling for your Engage users?

Gain early access to our Engage send limits feature. Join our CA program by creating a service request in My Oracle Support. Feel free to hit me up with any of your questions!