Is there any alternatives for Field merge allowing for multiple filter criteria ?

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We have Custom Object field merges with optional criteria set already in our Eloqua instance. But we want to add a new field into the CDO which is also to be added as a filter in the field merges. For example, the existing CDO has only 1 region data, but we want to globalize the CDO for multiple regions. In that case, the existing field merges should be adjusted to fetch data for already existing region (basically want to add Region filter in them). But since they already made use of optional criteria, we will not be able to do that and this blocks the globalization of the CDO. Can anyone please suggest if there is any way to handle this.


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    It might be a bit clunky based on your use case, but could you add the filter logic into a set of dynamic content, and personalise a block of content against the query as opposed to a field merge?