Add to campaign - Based on picklist processing form not working! I am doing something wrong?

David Soto V.
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The business case is simple: If a person fills in a Form a specific "Cod Programa" field value, he has to enter in a specific multi-step campaign. (EG: If Cod Programa = 210, it should go to campaign ID = 9)

In the documentation I found the best solution: Add to campaign - Based on picklist

I was about to cry of happiness, I created all of the assets: Picklist, Emails, Campaign, Form... but it is just not working and I am about to cry of sadness :( I feel that I am so close....

Maybe the Campaign should not start with the Email Step? Or that part is correct?

I am attaching you guys all the screenshots of the configuration, again I think that I am so close :( If you can help me I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advice!


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  • Victor M Lopez
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    Hi David,

    I usually work with this process.

    You need to create a "wait step" as your first step in the campaign and find the ID of this step. The best way to get this ID is by opening the console with F12. Use this ID in your picklist. Let me know if you need that I show you how works on my side.