Unsubscribed + Hard Bounce = "Subscribed" in filters

TommyHenson1 Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

I've been in touch with support and they've confirmed when an Eloqua contact is unsubscribed AND has hard bounced that their global subscription status appears as "subscribed" in filters/segments. They tell me changing the subscription status to "subscribed" and then back to "unsubscribed" fixes the bug.

Has anyone come across this issue in your instance? It's causing significant problems for us, especially with the CRM integration.

I assume adding extra program steps to unsubscribe, then subscribe, then unsubscribe wherever that is done is all we can do here?

I don't recall seeing a notification on this bug from Oracle, maybe this has been occurring since before I joined my current organization. It seems significant enough to warrant comms but maybe I just missed it.

Oracle people - is there a fix planned for this? My SR tells me it is not scheduled for a fix.