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I am reaching out to all you experts in hopes of receiving some constructive feedback. I started in my position about 3 months ago. We have one big newsletter than is broken down into 3 different versions that gets sent out at the beginning of each month, it is called "Titan Tracks". Now, I have all the data from 2019 - until current so I can see trends, but I can also see a slow decline in open rates / CTR through that time period as well. Here is some data from 2020;

As you can see, we delivered around 11,000 emails and had a 30% open rate and a 40% open rate. These are the numbers I WANT to see.

Here is some data from last month, October;

We recently did a purge of customers from CRM/Eloqua so my contact database dropped to 4,000 people. But you can see the open rate has significantly dropped, down to below 4% which is basically nothing. Completely unacceptable. I am not sure what I need to do.

Last month, we purged a little over 6,000 customers from CRM first, and then removed them from Eloqua. The problem is, the numbers just don't add up. For example, my "Titan Tracks - RED" segment went from 21,735 down too 7,289. But, it says I only delivered my email to 4,000 people. This is the case for the other two segments I use for my monthly newsletter.

I am drowning in confusion with this and really need some advice on how to get my open rates back up to where they should be.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Hello Devon,

    Thanks for your email. I'll take a first sweep at some ideas here, but will come back to you via email also.

    First: Are you 100% certain that there's no duplication amongst your audiences/segments? You mention one newsletter broken into three different versions. Does that mean you have three Segments and 3 email assets or one segment and one email with Dynamic Content?

    Second: Is it possible Auto Opens are having an impact? Eloqua users have been able to see Auto Opens since Release 22A (Feb 2022). Auto Opens have been impacting marketers for just over 12 months now. We've seen this significantly impact some clients, but not others.

    CLICK HERE to read our blog post regarding Auto Opens, it will give you more details.

    You mentioned you've been at this for three months, however, has Titan been using Eloqua since 2019? The reason I ask is to determine if the historical stats you show above are from Oracle Insight.

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    Thanks for commenting Derek!

    First: I am not 100% certain. We have 3 separate segments with 3 separate emails / 3 separate campaigns.

    Second: I think AutoOpens are having an impact. Take a look at this - I made an "Overall Open Data" analysis report to see the difference in AutoOpens before an after February 2022 and this is what I found:

    January and February are low on the Auto Opens, but starting March through December, the Auto Opens significantly increase and the Total Opens are extremely low. This is solid data that gives me a clue as to what could be going on, but I am not sure how to tackle the problem.

    Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

    Thanks Derek!

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    I see there's been some great interaction here on this post! @TitanMachinery, was just going to chime in and recommend you reach out to our Oracle Cloud Support team if you're still working to understand what's going on though. They're standing by and can help you dig in and investigate as well :-)

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    You can reach Oracle Cloud Support in one of two ways: the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal or by phone. If you are calling us, follow the phone flow chart below to ensure you reach the correct resource. Be sure to have your CSI (Customer Support Identifier) number ready before you call to avoid any delays.

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  • I can tell you from a first hand experience that Auto Opens are most likely the reason for your drops.

    The update Eloqua performed In Feb 22 introduced a default removal of opens in reporting by scanning tools. Scanning tools are used by ISP's to make sure that the emails coming in are kosher. Essentially robots open the email before it hits the inbox to verify that there is no spam, phishing, etc. With this removal you would notice a significant drop in your open rates.

    Although the default reporting excludes auto opens, you can view the Auto Open Reports by following this guide from Oracle. You can then compare the disparity between the two reports to see what your open rates would have been with Auto Opens included.

    BONUS: Look into auto clicks as well, this may have also skewed your data. They were removed from reporting around the same time.

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    I cannot see such report on my Eloqua... :(