Zoom Webinar App + Eloqua

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Hi, does anyone have any experience - positive or negative - with using the Zoom webinar app with Eloqua? It looks like it has fewer features than the On24/Eloqua app but it would be great to hear of any practical user experience people have. Thanks


  • Malcolm Aldridge
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    Hi @User_1E166

    We have used the Eloqua Zoon integration for a few years now, it works great and with the new version you can work with child zoom accounts.

    Sure, On24 does have more features in the On24 Platform but within Eloqua they both work the same and have the same integration elements. On24 also costs substantially more than Zoom.

    It will come down to, can you justify the extra cost for the extra on platform features.


  • User_1E166
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    Thank you Malcolm - this is so helpful and much appreciated.